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I'm so PUMPED for you that you're ready to take a jump into living a healthy + balanced lifestyle & ENJOY the holidays! Just to make sure this program fits you perfectly you're going to apply below and we're going to hop on a short 15 minute phone call and chat it out! I'll answer any questions, explain the process of the program, and we'll get your spot locked IN! After filling out the application below simply click the button to book your call and i'll be in touch at the chosen time! I can't wait to help you!!  xoxo laur.

My coaching experience is an investment in your health and happiness for the long term. Are you ready to financially invest in yourself and your health so that this is the last program you'll ever need to pay for again?
WOO! Thank you for your openness & honestly in the application! Next, click the link below to schedule your 15 minute call [takes 10 seconds!] + I'll be in touch at the chosen time!

xoxo, talk to you soon!